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Perhaps it’s not surprising that the charm of the Bieszczady gave Ziemianin wings. The poet gave his heart to Bieszczady, and we put our whole heart into our Maniówka.
Maniówka near Cisna is located in the picturesque valley of the Osława River, in a beautiful part of the Bieszczady Mountains in the small village – Maniów. We assure you that there is no urban hustle and bustle here; here you can find peace and quiet, which is an everyday reality and not a privilege.  The magical space of Maniówka consists not only of the beautiful place, surrounded by shady woods and vast meadows. Maniów is also an area with a lot of history, remembering the times of its ancient inhabitants. But most importantly, Maniów is a place that we have come to love, and through the prism of this love we would like to show it to you – our Guests.

The surroundings of Maniówka are abound in undergrowth (mushrooms, blueberries, blackberries and strawberries) and are visited by forest animals. Here you can encounter not only a deer, a roe deer or a hare, but also a bison, which is particularly fond of the place. The proximity of nature and the extremely friendly atmosphere will make you forget your worries, relax and get some blissful rest.  As our guests often say, this place truly affects one’s positive mood and well-being. Maniów is therefore not a place – Maniów is a state of mind.
If you are looking for close contact with nature, a place where you can find the harmony of body and soul away from everyday problems, Maniówka is the place for you.


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If you have fallen in love with Maniów too, feel free to visit our little
corners of the Bieszczady!

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