Price rental

for cottages

One house can hold up to 7 people. You can find a description of the layout of beds and equipment in the  „Cottages section”


 Numer of people in the house Cena
 3 people 200 pln / day
4 people 220 pln / day
5 people 260 pln / day
6 people 280 pln / day
7 people 300 pln / day

Price list for out of season 2018

Numer of people in the house Cena
4 people 200 pln / day
5 people 250 pln / day
6 people 270 pln / day
7 people 290 pln / day

Renting a cottage up to two days:

We also invite you to come for shorter stays. In case of renting a cottage for less than two days, the pricelist should have a surcharge of 10 PLN added for each person.

Price rental

for rooms

Dear guests, our offer also includes three beautiful rooms. Each of them has a separate bathroom. Pictures will soon appear on our website.

Price rental for rooms*

Numer of people in the room Cena 
4 – bedded 180 pln / day
3 – bedded 150 pln / day
2 – bedded 120 pln / day

* Prices do not include New Year’s Eve Offer



How to make a booking with us?

Call us or write – we’ll tell you what dates are available. If you opt for a date, we will pre-book it for you. The booking is confirmed upon payment of a non-refundable deposit to the account number below; we will wait for it up to 5 days. After the payment the date is booked and you can start planning your dream vacation in Maniówka. 🙂


The account number to which the payment of a deposit should be made is:

Marian Gawłowski

Wola Michowa 10

38-543 Komańcza

PKO BP SA branch Sanok:



PS: Did you get all the way down here? Hmmm… in that case, see you in Maniów! 🙂


write to us

If you have fallen in love with Maniów too, feel free to visit our little
corners of the Bieszczady!

To make a booking please contact us on:

Helena Gawłowska

+ 48 508 159 432

Natalia Gawłowska

+ 48 662 116 500

or by email: