Rooms in Bieszczady

Our rooms are located on the first floor in the building below houses. Each has a balcony, which offers beautiful views, and each has a different decor and atmosphere. The rooms have fridges, kettles, cups and glasses.


Those who seek closeness to nature will feel at home here. The atmosphere here is dominated by wooden wall boards that remember the old Lemkian times and a massive beech bed – ideal for couples. The view from the window almost bursts into the room and becomes an integral part of it. It is a vast mountain panorama dominated by the Matragona hill – which gave the room its name. The room has a double bed and a double sofa bed. It can house up to 4 people.


The room the deuce marked with his hoof and left its mark in the form of black accents. In spite of that, the whole room does not look like an infernal abyss. Dominated by white and the austerity of concrete, the room puts its spell on anyone who enters it, and provides excellent rest. The room has two single beds, a sofa and recliner chair. It can house up to 4 people.


Angels are beings that love the Bieszczady Mountains so much that one of them also visited the Maniówka. Angelic peace – this feeling can come to those who decide to stay in this interior. Wall painted green favors the tranquility and rest. The room has two single beds, a sofa and recliner chair.


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If you have fallen in love with Maniów too, feel free to visit our little
corners of the Bieszczady!

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