Dear Guest!

We are very pleased to welcome you in Maniówka. We would like this place to become your home during your stay with us. We also want to make you feel at home here. We would appreciate your respect for this place, adherence to the basic principles of safety and respect for the surrounding nature and the privacy of other guests. To make this easier, please read the rules in force in Maniówka. We also ask you to observe these rules.


1. The formalities associated with check-in and the cost of stay are to be settled on arrival.

2. In case of cancellation or shortening a booked stay, the fees are not refundable.

3. The hotel day is from 3pm to 11am the following day.

4. Quiet hours in Maniówka last from 10pm to 6am.

5.Guests’ visitors can stay in the area until 10am.

6.Parking of vehicles is possible only in the designated area on the free, unguarded car park. Therefore, the owner of the cottages is not responsible for the safety of cars and property left there, nor for any damage caused by third parties.

7. Holidaymakers are fully responsible for the property hired to them and for damage caused at the Maniówka. Guests are required to account for home furnishings and take financial responsibility for damaged items. The prices and the list are available at the cottage owner.

8. Purchasing a stay in the cottages is not an insurance against accidents of its occupants and the theft and destruction of property belonging to holidaymakers; the owner of the cottage is not responsible for loss or damage to the property of Guests.

9. Due to fire protection requirements, it is not allowed to use any electricity-powered appliances inside the cottage, safe for the equipment of the house.  Smoking cigarettes, cigars, pipes and other tobacco products is also prohibited.

10. Barbecuing shall take place in a designated place. It is prohibited to barbecue on terraces.

11. If any matter is not dealt with in the rules, please contact the cottage owner.

Have a nice stay!


And here in Maniów…
And here in Maniów…


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